About Us

Mokter Mostofa provide the best service in car repairs and maintenance And superior quality furnishing solutions .We offer the Services Like Sofa Repair , Curtains And Blind Replacement etc .

We believe in our customers to the core and diligently work towards catering to their home decoration concerns by indulging in the step by step journey along with them. It is our firm belief that homes can be made exotic only if they get professional attention.

We have a world-class and very much kept up portable workshop that is outfitted with the best proficient apparatuses and had practical experience in all vehicles repairs and adjusting. Your fulfillment is an accomplishment for us and we investigate every possibility in giving you finish auto repair and upkeep bolster anyplace in Dubai. We have confidence in execution, unwavering quality and quality at the most ideal costs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for all sort of auto issues in Dubai.

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